Jun 20, 2015


don t leave me numb, don t leave me breathless, don t talk to me just when you re restless don t talk to me to say goodbye don t talk to me unless you try.
don t leave the door locked up so tight don t steer away from me at night don t close your world in such despair, no man alive can see you well.
i am not here to open wounds nor am i here to wake up ghouls i just want you to feel so heavy as i do, cause i am ready.
don t just fake words, smiles and tears, don t put the blame while drinking beers don t pull away, im not that far come closer, baby, show me who you are.
don t make me clench my sheets in tears dont make me question sentences just be delicate, i know you are
don t hide from me, im not that far.
and i ll show you it'll all end well we cant be going through another hell but if we will, and i bet we must there's two of us. love doesn t rust.

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