Mar 10, 2009

Less talk,more action/I kissed a girl

As my dear friend would say.Yes,friend.Perhaps I ask too much of her.Or perhaps not,it is a pleasure...
I pondered a bit before stating this post,and finally decided that it should meet daylight,since it is sincere, well written,and may leave you speechless;as someone I know would say.
It's quite annoying for me to look at pictures of girls kissing just for the sake of it.So, I make my own statement of this.Title?

NONONONONONONONO, I Kissed a girl!!!!
more than once.many girls in fact.and i loved!!it. to like is inferior.
i started out as a misandra,giving up to girls,finally accepting guys,now in the state of "can't live without this one".but not totally giving them up.girls i mean...
it's not a pastime, a holiday hobby or a is not a contest nor is it a thing i do for fun.or for guys' saliva.or for others,or for image.
i do it for me.not for the fact that i do not hundred percent enjoy the masculine penis.or the technological dildo.i need girls.i need to feel breasts as soft as mine.i need to feel skin as delicately perfumed as mine.i need to hold Her small delicate face in my palms and the hell with all the men in the world. the hell with hers,the hell with mine, the hell with you.
i maternally kiss her soaked in smoke hair, her unfaithful lips and demanding eyelids. i knit our fingers together and i hold her to my chest.i feel the need to protect her,though she needs no protection of mine.i would wrestle the whole world for her,be defeated and still haunt just like bugs. for when i am with her,i feel her soul and only hers. 15 to 20 minutes after is a totally different page...
you are not in my demi-atheist prayers.yet you still occupy 20 kilos of cyberspace out of my heart

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